Water Ionizer Deep Cleaning System

Protect Your Investment, With Regular Deep Cleaning! $259.99

ioncleanerplus machine

Key benefits of Ion Cleaner Plus™

  • User friendly at home water ionizer deep cleaning
  • Helps you protect your valuable investment
  • Convenient size, 10"high x 8"Wide x 5"Deep, pumps deliver 250 GPH / 600 GPH
  • Replaces basic filling and soaking with an active streaming process
  • Helps you to maintain maximum performance for years into the future
  • Never doubt the quality of your water with an Ion Cleaner Plus™
Ion Cleaner Plus
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Availability: Regular ICP-1 In Stock

Availability: Super ICP-2 IN Stock

Ion Cleaner Plus 220 Volt Systems Coming Soon!

Please Note: Ion Cleaner Plus™ Is Designed and Recommended For Free Standing Kangen Water® Ionizers

Be Aware That Under Counter Installs Will Require Additional Accessories To Use The Ion CleanerPlus™

If you're Not Serious About Protecting Your Valuable Investment, Please Don't Waste Our Time. Our Return Policy Is 30 Days with a 25% Restocking Fee.

We Ship Via USPS Priority Mail In USA

Additional Express Mail Charges Apply For Overseas Shipments

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