Water Ionizer Deep Cleaning System

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The user friendy patent pending Ion Cleaner Plus ™ water ionizer deep cleaning system was developed by an SD501 owner in 2010. After a few months with a new SD501, It was determined that there was room for a more robust approach to the cleaning and maintenance of Kangen Water™ ionizers. Of the approximately 30 and more companies that market water ionizers, we found that many ionizer brands didn't even have regular cleaning and maintenance protocols in place for the up-keep of these units. They all for the most part claim to be self cleaning, but self cleaning is not enough.

This prompted consideration regarding the question, are water ionizer owners neglecting proper care of their units? Exploration of this question led to the conclusion that a poorly maintained water ionizer could cause users to not only drink un-optimized water, but also unknowingly share it with others. This realization commenced a 2 1/2 year effort to design, prototype and patent an easy to use water ionizer deep cleaning system that would be an asset to Kangen Water® ionizer owners everywhere.

Kangen Water® Ionizer owners now have the ability to take full charge of the cleaning and maintenance of their Kangen Water® ionizers™ . The Ion Cleaner Plus™ is designed to safely deep clean the entire Enagic® Leveluk product line.

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