Water Ionizer Deep Cleaning System

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Water ionizers are changing lives worldwide. Today, people are more easily able to find the road to better health and wellness. It's no secret that balanced PH, high antioxidants and proper hydration equal better health. Water ionizers will eventually take the center stage as more people realize the awesome benefits and it's many uses. Water ionizers do however require maintenance, like anything that comes in contact with water, cleaning and maintenance is required. In water ionizers, water scale can drastically reduce performance. The quality of water produced by a heavily scaled water ionizer decrease considerably over time. The Ion Cleaner Plus™ helps to insure the integrity of the ionized water produced by these units. Our vision is to upgrade current fill and soak cleaning standards by introducing at home active deep cleaning technology to the market place. With an Ion Cleaner Plus,™ every cleaning becomes a deep cleaning. Our mission is to provide water ionizer owners the ability to pro actively maintain full time maximum performance of their valuable investment.

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